MOUNTED POINT ZY1303/6 AR100O5V 098738

MOUNTED POINT ZY1303/6 AR100O5V 098738
M.POINT ZY1303/6 AR100O5V 098738
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Warranty Code 00
Lead Time 0
Sales UOM EA
Application Deburring, chamfering
Burr Shape Cylindrical
Diameter 13 MM
Grit Size 100
Max Speed 73400 rpm
Shank Dia 6 MM
Indent Time 0
Standard Certificate
Netto Weight 0.01 KG
Manufacturing Number 098738
Dimension Unit 43 X 13 X 13 MM
Type Cylindrical
  • These mounted points are dimensionally stable due to their hard bond, which characterises their long tool life and low tool wear.
  • Due to their special edge stability, hardness grade O mounted points ca n also be used cost effectively with low RPM tool drives.
  • Features
  • Mounted points in hardness grade O consist of pink aluminium oxide in a vitrified bond.
  • Mounted points with a very high tool life and good stock removal rates are produced from this combination of wear-resistant grit and the hard bond.
  • The hardness grade O is particularly suited for use on edges and for deburring work on steel components.
  • Application examples :
  • Deburring of steel castings.
  • Chamfering in preparation for welding.
  • Contour a nd edge grinding on forgings.
  • Specification
  • Grit size : 100
  • Shank diameter : 6 mm
  • Shank length : 40 mm
  • Burrs Diameter : 13 mm
  • Burrs Thickness : 3 mm
  • Max. Speed : 73.400 Rpm
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