POLICAP GRIT280 PC1015CA 151013

POLICAP GRIT280 PC1015CA 151013

POLICAP GRIT280 PC1015CA 151013 adalah alat berb entuk tabung silinder yang digunakan untuk menghaluskan benda kerja.A mplas ini cocok untuk digunakan bersama dengan cap holder untuk meme gang amplas serta air die grinder sebagai mesin pemutarnya. Amplas< /b> ini mempunyai ukuran grit sebesar 280 dengan putaran maksimum sebesa r 20000 rpm.Amplas ini biasa digunakan di bengkel, industri otomo tif, pengecoran logam, dan konstruksi

More Information
Warranty Code 00
Lead Time 1
Sales UOM EA
Item Abrasive Cap
Application Tool Construction
Arbor -
Diameter 10 MM
Grit Size 280
Max Speed 20000 rpm
Thickness -
Indent Time 0
Standard Certificate -
Netto Weight 0.07 KG
Manufacturing Number 151013
Dimension Unit 10 X 10 X 10 MM
Type Policap C
  • The PFERD range comprises an extensive selection of abrasive caps and cones.
  • Cap and cone holders are fully reusable.
  • Slots in the holder facilitate its expansion, locking the tool firmly in place.
  • The special manufacturing process guarantees good shapeholding and excellent fine-grinding properties.
  • Easy tool replacement!
  • Features
  • Fine grinding in tool and mould construction.
  • For work on hard-to-reach places and bores.
  • Abrasive caps and cones can be mounted and removed by turning them slightly to the right and pulling a t the same time.
  • Abrasive caps and cones are easier to replace wit h the holder mounted on the tool drive.
  • Abrasive caps perform best at a recommended cutting speed of 10-20 m/s.
  • Specification
  • Dia. D (MM) : 10
  • Grit Size : 280
  • Material : AlumuniumOxide A
  • Recom. Speed (rpm) : 20000
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